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Business Design

We help companies innovating and optimizing their business models: TAKO is our innovation framework and it’s exactly the same you’ve already seen in any other design-based project. We run an assessment, we identify together with you relevant areas of improvement and we co-design solutions. It just works.


Sold as a multi-modal team effort, long story short: these are usually designed by one person. We have done hundreds of such projects, across several industries, understanding key trends, needs and defining tailor made solutions. We are keen to bring our experience to you, because we love our job.

It fits for you if you need to:

  • Design a new business model

  • Define a value proposition

  • Comprehend the value of a new stream of revenue

  • Innovate your product / Service

  • Create an ecosystem to provide new products and services (i.e. Airbnb)

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Experience Design

Building memorable experiences for customers and employees

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Organizational Design

Disrupting silos and hierarchies through distributed organizational models

Design creativo


We collaborate with universities and host 1 to few training classes for enterprises

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