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Defining the Social Media Strategy and Governance

when. 2018
Where. Europe

Client's need

A European agency was struggling to define its social media strategy, due to regulatory limits, low investments and a complex organizational challenge: the need to involve different subject matter experts across the organization of very specific topics for very specific audiences, such as EU Members States, Parliement, but also informed citizens and scientists. The aim of the project was to assess the current approach to re-design the strategy, the governance structure and operating model.

abstract Architecture

Key Activities

  • Benchmark against similar EU agencies and collection of best practices coming from other industries

  • Maturity level assessment on 5 key dimensions: Strategy, Content, Measurement, Governance, Amplification

  • Identification of key actions and contact opportunities

  • Brand character and personas

  • Brand positioning and digital brand architecture (channels, roles, goals, KPIs, target audiences)

  • Operating model design: centralization level definition (selection of the model), RACI, FTEs by role, core processes design for publishing, management, crisis management guidelines and escalation flows

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