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Authors' note

Ok, you know what? It’s a joke.

We’re not saying any of these cool frameworks won’t work. It’s just that you can find tons of this consulting stuff out there.


We would be keen to sit down with you, share some thoughts about your problem, and find the best approach to address your needs.

We will probably do that through a human-centered design-based approach because it works according to our experience and clients. 


We know the methodologies, and we know how to use the different tools they offer. In 99% of the cases, it will be about cherry-picking the best parts from 3 or 4 different approaches to build a tailored path for you.

We don’t have a real framework because there is no need for another framework in this messy consulting world.

You can call our approach Tako if you like it. However, design thinking, service design, CX design, double diamond, agile, whatever, although we know they are not the same, will work as well.

Kind regards,

Ale & Lara

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