We are Business Artisans

hand-crafting your strategy.

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At Takos, we strongly believe humans matter as the only differentiating factor for a good strategy.

Humans are clients, employees, co-workers, partners which are critical to have a positive and meaningful impact in the world and in our daily business.


Design starts from user needs. 

This is the foundation of our way of working where we apply a 1+5 years experience on 3 main areas:​ Business Design, Experience Design and Organizational Design


our framework


what we do.

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Business Design

Shaping together the future of your business model

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Experience Design

Building memorable experiences for customers and employees

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Organizational Design

Disrupting silos and hierarchies through distributed organizational models

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We collaborate with universities and host 1 to few training classes for enterprises





Alessandro Fontana

  • Alessandro Fontana LinkedIn

My ambition is to support people and organizations to evolve, innovate and optimize, both internally and externally, the way they deliver value to customers and society, through digital transformation.

Lara Ermacora

  • Lara Ermacora Linkedin

I truly believe in the efficacy of collaborative methodologies to drive change. A real transformation starts from the bottom, with people and employee having an active role in the strategy development.


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